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  Hawkes bay has an average of 2281 hours of sunshine of a possible 4383. Make use of all the sunlight hours in Napier / Hastings and turn it into renewable, free Energy! With the rise in electricity rates nationally, there is never a better time to install solar in Hawkes Bay.  The benefits of Solar is that it will pay you back. Solar panels last more than 20 years and even after 20 years produce at 80% efficiency. Panels have no moving parts so there is minimal maintenance. By installing  a solar power system it will be paying you back  as soon as you switch it ON!

With our solar design we can give you an accurate amount of savings per year and give you the payback years - so you can make an informed decision whether it is the right decision for you and your family. We ensure you that the correct size system will be quoted to ensure your savings are maximised.

At Compass Energy we offer a range of different solar installation solutions. We tailor it to your family home or business specific energy demands, become part of “POWERING THE FUTURE”, Call us on 027 670 4336, for a free quote!

We are a Hawkes Bay Regional Council Sustained Homes Accredited Installer and can offer loans through the council for Solar supply and installations of up to $20 000. Get in touch with us for more information.

We are a member of SEANZ - Sustainable Energy Association of New Zealand.

Four types of solar installation

  • Grid-tied residential/commercial solar powered systems

  • Grid-tied residential/commercial solar powered systems with battery back-up

  • Off-grid solar power systems

  • Solar hot water controllers

You should consider SOLAR installation if:

  • You spend a lot of time at home during daylight hours (stay at home mum/ family business/ work night shift)

  • You run a pool pump/spa pool

  • You have freezer/fridge running all day

  • You have a hot water cylinder

  • Commercial property

What size solar system do I need in Napier / Hastings / Hawkes Bay NZ:

You would need your power bill to calculate this:

Usually on this it would tell you how much kWh you have used:

Eg. If you used 720units over a period of 30 days - to work out how many kWh on average you are using in a day you would divide the amount used by 30 days which would give you a daily average: 720 / 30 = which would give you a daily average of 24kWh a day.

It is very important to do these calculations over a whole year period to get an average over the whole year.

Unison has brought out research showing most households in NZ use a daily average of about 25kWh a day which would make a 6 panel system very economical as you would be using most of the power generated by a 1.5 - 1.62kW Solar system. This kind of system would generally produce savings calculating between $500 - $700 annually. This would amount to about a 8 -10 year payback depending on your specific situation.

The real benefit about Solar is that this is your own power system and when power prices go up, your savings automatically increase and payback time goes down.

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