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Domestic: We service Napier, Hastings and the wider Hawkes Bay region. With over 10 years of electrical experience we can help you with all your electrical requirements. Whether it is adding a powerpoint, putting in a range hood or re-wiring your house.

Commercial: Breakdowns, Installs and servicing - Qualified and trusted Electrician in Napier, Hastings and the wider Hawkes Bay region.

UPS Systems: New Zealand is growing and so is the demand on our current power suppliers. Don't let storms and power cuts stop you from getting your business done. Install a UPS (Uninterrupted power supply) to have uninterrupted Power/internet.

Lighting: We have a full range of energy efficient lighting solutions, perfect to cut power bills. A definite if you are investing in solar.

Service and Maintenance: Businesses big and small need electrical test and tag done on small and big appliances and workshop equipment  We offer a wide range of services in Napier & Hastings to help you keep you business running smoothly.    CLICK on the Facebook icon below to check out some of our 5 star reviews from our happy customers.

Pre-purchase Electrical Inspection: One of the main reasons for domestic fires in New Zealand is faulty wiring. The reason for this is that the home-owner has the right to change and install wiring in their own home if they have the skills and tools to do this safely. This is often done, but not correctly. If you are investing in a property in Napier or Hastings? For peace of mind we offer Pre-purchase Electrical inspections & General Electrical Inspections. Full Report with every inspection from a qualified Electrician.

WINZ Quotes: Registered contractor for WINZ quotes.

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