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Terms & Conditions

Standard terms and conditions for Compass Energy website and services.


Company: Compass Energy Ltd

Customer: Person doing work for, or person acting on behalf of person doing work for.

"Statement of work" begins on date accepted by customer for work to be done (whether implied or expressed). 

Location: Site at which work works are to be carried out

Price: amount specified representing cost of work

"Force majeure event": an occurrence of an event that is beyond the reasonable control of the company - including natural disasters.

Goods: materials, accessories and components supplied by the company to the customer

Manufacturer warranty: Warranty supplied by manufacturer of "goods" supplied on day of "statement of work".

Variations: change in statement of work

Workmanship: Good high quality of work and standard delivery


Standard terms:

Acceptance of quote whether implied or expressed means that the customer has agreed to statement of work. Any "variation" in work needs to be given to the company in writing and customer will be responsible for payment of variation cost. Plans, specifications or information provided by the Customer and relied upon by the Company for the purpose of providing the Statement of Work prove to be inaccurate or unreliable; cost added to the job due to a "variation" will be paid by the customer in 7 days from completion of work. Customers that do not pay their bills within the designated timeframe will have a 5% interest added to their bill. Where customer is dissatisfied with location of work done and this was not specified prior to installation the customer will be held responsible for the cost of rectifying this. In the case of the company or the customer is not satisfied with work completed both parties accept that they will communicate and attempt to resolve issues before taking any legal action.

By using Compass Energy Ltd Services

Customer agrees to:

(a) agrees to pay company for work completed within 7 days of work completed

(b) unless otherwise agreed in writing by customer, responsibility for obtaining, paying for and maintaining permits, approvals, authorisations, authorities, licences and consents for all regulatory authorities which may be necessary or advisable in connection with work.

(c) agrees to act in good faith where written information was not given prior to work completed.

Compass Energy Ltd agrees to:

(a) offer Air-conditioning, Electrical and Solar installation, repair and service to "workmanship"

(b) cannot be held responsible for moving old equipment which once disconnected and moved ceases to function due to age of equipment (eg relocating an old heatpump outside of warranty)